Black Lab Love

One year ago I stumbled upon his furry little face. My dog Tuxy, my companion, friend and fur baby. I can’t believe we have had him for a full year. I have two cats who are older, so getting a dog was a huge adjustment, but I cannot imagine life without him. In the summer he loves to swim, in the winter he is chasing balls through the snow and digging with his strong paws to bury his red ball. He could play outside all day if you let him, but there has to be a balance sometime. He is affectionate, somewhat of a good listener ( we are working on that) and a great furry friend to have around. We celebrated his First Birthday on November 5th, 2016 complete with new toys, cookies and even a birthday hat. Yes, some people may think we are over the top, but we love all our animals and treat them once in a while! My gentle giant weighs over 80 lbs now and I have him to thank for getting me outside everyday.

What fur babies do you have?

Until next time, img_4638




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