Things about me:  Not in any order!

  1. I have a hard time saying no.
  2. I have always wanted kids.
  3. I am a Professional Organizer.
  4. I drive a School Bus.
  5. I am funny with people I am comfortable around.
  6. I want to live off grid.
  7. I want to be a chicken farmer.
  8. I love to hand wash dishes, it relaxes me.
  9. Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut is my all time favourite chocolate.
  10. My favourite meal is Curry.
  11. Diet Coke is my vice.
  12. I have never smoked.
  13. Pink is my colour.
  14. I love to scrapbook.
  15. Family history fascinates me.
  16. I love heavy metal music.
  17. I cry often.
  18. Fall is my Season.
  19. I only drink tea.
  20. I love the smell of a peat moss fire.
  21. I would love to build my own she shed.
  22. I wish I could live with an Amish family to learn the ways of yesteryear.
  23. I am an animal lover.
  24. I would do anything for my 2 Sons.
  25. I would love to start a YouTube channel.
  26. I love social media.
  27. I cherish my Husband.
  28. I pray.
  29. I love to reminisce about my younger self.
  30. I was a beautiful child.
  31. I have 2 cats and 1 dog.
  32. I love big rigs.
  33. I love plays.
  34. I love when it rains.
  35. Peonies are the most beautiful flower.
  36. I like to garden.
  37. My favourite Authour is Sarah Ban Breathnach.
  38. I love simplicity.
  39. I love bonfires.
  40. I enjoy decorating.
  41. I have a huge Irish family in Ireland including my Mum & Dad.
  42. I enjoy driving long distances.
  43. I love small towns.
  44. I love being an Aunt to my Nieces and Nephews.
  45. I take a bath every night.
  46. I have gray hair.
  47. My eyes are blue like sapphires.
  48. I am nostalgic.
  49. I cherish my photos.
  50. I am loved.

Until next time,




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