Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016! Hard to believe that an entire year has passed. I do not make resolutions, but do set goals for myself. After reviewing my list from 2015, I did not do everything on that list but I did concentrate on a few things which I feel good about. This year I have decided to keep it simple. Eat healthier, meditate each day, kiss my spouse everyday(sometimes we forget)hug my Sons and tell them that they make me proud, call my Family more often and treat myself to some flowers on occasion. I will soon begin my annual purging of household stuff this January and set small goals each month. That way it is not as overwhelming, and I will not be as disappointed if I have a setback. Our family has grown by a new animal recently. A new puppy to love and to get me outdoors more often. He has been amazing and a great asset to our Family. But first, time to take down all the Christmas decor and start the de-cluttering process. I wish you a very happy, healthy and loving New Year!

Susan Ovington 

This is Tuxy, our eight week old Purebred black Labrador.


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