Bus Love

Last Spring I decided to take the plunge and do something out of my comfort zone. I learned to drive a School Bus. Secretly I love big vehicles. This was always something that I had wanted to do, so when the opportunity came I up I told my family and friends. Well, I had to follow through with it now that everyone knew. So I went for the training and testing and got my “B” licence on June 19th of 2014. I was so thrilled and excited that I went for it. Six months have past and I am loving my new job. I get to work with Children again, seeing their smiling faces everyday is awesome. I get to make a difference in their day and that makes me truly happy. I am contributing financially to my family and I feel that I have gained some more confidence again.

At Christmas time, I was certainly overwhelmed with the amount of gifts and cards received from Parents and their children, thanking me for keeping their kids safe everyday. This was such an awesome moment, I knew that this is exactly where I need to be. Although after 16 years of being Mom to my two Sons, I miss putting them on the school bus everyday. My Husband and I have switched roles and we are loving how we work together as a Family. My kids are enjoying having Daddy make their lunches and drive them to their appointments etc.. One of the benefits of my job is the time that I will get to spend with them during PD days, March Break and having the Summer off with them.

Everyday is different in my line of work. I deal with weather, which right now is at least -20 at 5:30 am, the bus is not always warm, the kids may be sick, or have a nosebleed. It is all worth it in the end. I love driving, so this is a perfect fit, Also working in my community is beneficial as I know the schools(both Sons attend the schools I drive to), and most of the children I know from hockey, baseball or are friends with their parents.

I am truly blessed to love what I do!


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