Cat Love

fall 2012 619It is no secret that I love my cats. I love that they are cuddly and cute. More importantly I love the companionship that they provide. In 2006 we went to a local shelter and bought our first cat. Her name is Gertie, she is a tabby cat. She is also an indoor cat. Something that we decided when we chose one. There is too much heartache when a cat disappears. Gertie came on holidays with us in the RV. We did that for 5 years. She was awesome traveler.

Fast forward to 2011. While driving into town, I saw a sign for a Free Kitten. I had butterflies. I stopped in and saw the little black and white kitten playing. I fell in love. The next day I drove to the pet store and bought a few supplies. I then picked up the kitten. I did not tell my family. The kids were so surprised when they came home from school. Hubby said that nothing is ever free. We named him Patches. So cute and so cuddly. Gertie was in shock for a few days but after awhile the two started to get along. They each have their own routines, but mostly sleep in the afternoon on each couch. Some days when I find it hard to get moving I sleep along side them! Yes the secret is out.  The kids adore the cats and are part of my family. My fur babies!

We thought our family was complete until we inherited a cat. My Mother in law was unable to care for him. His name is Boris. He was a rescue cat from a shelter. He was about 7 years old. We called him Big B. He had no front claws so he used to box with us when we walked by. He weighed about 20 pounds. The other two cats used to gang up on him occasionally. We loved watching him play with his favorite toy which was a rainbow full of catnip.

Sadly one day in August we noticed that he would not lay down and that his breathing was very labored. The kids hugged him and Hubby took him to the Emergency vet. His heart was surrounded by fluid and it was going in to his lungs. After some tests and ultrasound they could see how sick he was.

Boris died later that afternoon. Our family was heartbroken. He was a great pet. We still talk about Boris and how much we miss him. Life is easier again having only two litter boxes to clean and two bowls of food that are the same. I am tempted sometimes to stop in to the animal shelter, but I let the feeling pass by. Someday.

Will I ever get another cat? Maybe down the road!


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