Out of my Comfort Zone!

winter2012 219Well I am back from Toronto. A few weeks ago I attended the BlissdomCanada conference. It was the second one I attended and I was not disappointed by what I learned. I was really on the fence about what to do. By being active on Twitter and learning from others I am inspired once again to move forward and work on my blog.  I was able to connect with so many others that I met last year, but also stepped out of my comfort zone too. First off I drove to Toronto by myself, sure I have been and drove others, but this was a huge step for me. To top it off I also rented a car, actually it was a huge SUV, a Buick Enclave. I knew I was bringing others home with me, so we needed the room. Swag and luggage to be exact!  So I made it, with the helpful GPS I call my best friend.  I took my time, stopped at rest stops for Diet coke and tea.  Once I arrived at the Sheraton Hotel, I checked into my room awaiting someone special.  It was a roommate. The first time I ever shared a room with someone. It was trusting someone who I had only communicated with on Twitter.  It turned out to be one of the best things I could have done.  She took me under her wing and made me feel comfortable, and made me laugh too.  So the whole Blissdom weekend experience was amazing, met some new Bloggers and made lots of connections. Enjoyed Toronto and all it had to offer, been to a few spots I didn’t know about and met some famous Canadians, such as Jian Ghomeshi, Chef Michael Smith and Amber Mac.  I was a taste tester for Kraft Canada, ate lentil cookies and danced at the Costume Karaoke Party. Then to top off my weekend I drove two lovely ladies home back to Ottawa, again I only chatted with them using twitter and never met. It was a fantastic drive home and I learned about life as a Blogger, the pros and cons of the business. I learned alot about myself too!  So the next time you are faced with something new, will you step out of your Comfort Zone?


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