Kids and Religion

Recently we celebrated an important event in our family. Well important to me! As I am getting older I am becoming more spiritual in my daily round. I have been attending Church regularly and am finding peace. It gives me time to celebrate my Faith. Being from an Irish Catholic family, I grew up in the church. I was in the choir, Development and Peace, did food drives and participated in the Way of the Cross on Good Friday. As I started dating my Husband I got away from it for a while. When we got married we chose the Church that he grew up in. So I embraced it and it has been our family Church where we celebrate. I was married at Saint Isidore’s (Kanata, On) in October of 1994, my two Sons were baptized there in 1998 and 2002. On Sunday April 15th, 2012 we went to Church to celebrate the youngest boy and his First Communion. I remember mine when I was seven, I felt like a Princess all dressed up in a long white gown with a veil, gloves and a new purse. Having boys was a different story. The Church encourages you to not spend a lot of money on suits and dresses. This was a surprise to me. I had my Son dress up in a white shirt, with dress pants and a lovely argyle vest. He was very handsome. There were 21 children making their First Communion that day. It was so lovely to see all the little girls in their white dresses and shoes. No veils or gloves though. All of our families came to the Church to celebrate Him. It was a beautiful day. I was so proud of him.

The sad part of this whole thing is how their view of the Church was different from mine. I never asked questions like my boys do(certainly encouraged). I never protested going to mass on Sundays. My boys do not understand how important it is to me and it hurts. I am married to a Catholic, but his views have rubbed off on to the kids. They feel that it is not important to go to Church(or why we have to give money). While they are in a public school they do not get the religious instruction that we did growing up in the Catholic board. I struggle with my decision on a regular basis about this.

So I take the kids to do their courses regarding the Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation. This gives me one on one time with each of them and renews my Faith as a Christian. I hope that I have started a great foundation for them to start their own Journey with God. I guess they will eventually make their own decisions on what they believe Jesus is all about. So for now I go, alone on Sundays, I light a candle for my Family and Pray. This is when I feel renewed once again. I want them to know that they will always be supported no matter what they choose, but my hope is that one day in the future that they will surprise me and go to Church, no questions asked!

What are your thoughts?


Susan Ovington


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