Pinterest is Interesting!

I have a new addiction. Unlike my once a day habit of having a Diet Coke, this addiction can happen at anytime during the day or night.  It can last for 10 minutes or 3 hours.  I joined Pinterest about 3 months ago and I have not looked back.  My first board was named Holly Hobbie.  Now I have over 30 boards to my name.  I love all the categories that Pinterest has to offer. It is finding the beauty in everyday items.  It is the best vision board ever imagined. You can plan a birthday party, a wedding or a special Holiday.  Now the problem is finding either more categories that I can enjoy or managing my time on my laptop.  I do prefer the first scenario! Tonight I made the most awesome chocolate chip cookies found on Pinterest and I discovered another great blog.  I am finding items that I enjoyed in my childhood, television shows that I used to watch after school, and dishes that we used to have in our home.  With the friends I have met using social media, Pinterest gives us the chance to connect once again and keep the conversation going.   All I know is that this addiction will be permanent! Follow me through this journey of beauty! Happy Pinning!


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