Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  This weekend for most people is a very busy one.  Most families get together for this occasion. Some may be traveling and some may be hosting this feast.  I am the oldest of four siblings and I love to host dinner for my family.  This year I hosted Thanksgiving on Sunday.  I usually host dinner, but because of a hockey tournament I chose to do lunch.  This meant getting my cleaning done the day before in between hockey games of course.  I also got up very early on Sunday to cook my turkey.  I love the aroma that fills the house when the turkey is in the oven.  Everyone arrived for lunch and I was so excited to see my parents and siblings, but I always love seeing my Nieces and Nephews the most.  They range in age from 5 weeks to 15 years of age.  Of course they are always dressed up for the holiday.  Being an Aunt has changed my life in so many ways.  I am thankful for hugs, telephone calls, pictures and of course visits.  We are a close family so it is very much a Happy Thanksgiving.  While we all take turns hosting events it is fun to see the children at my home.  We walk to the park, they play with the 2 cats, watch a movie on the big screen downstairs and I usually try to have a take away for them, this year it was mini pumpkins!  The best thing of all is watching them interact with each other, special thanks to Aunt C.  who played “What time is it Mr. Wolf?”  So funny and entertaining.  Love the giggles!  The weather was perfect, sunny and hot outside, but I did put the Air on inside, especially while the oven was on.   My two sons played in a Hockey tournament this weekend, nothing like going twice a day to the same rink! While one did his best DS9, they did lose, DS13 made it to the semi finals and is playing right now (someone has to stay home and clean the dishes!) but Hubby will keep me posted, if DS13 makes it to the finals I will be there cheering his team on!  I couldn’t have had a better weekend than this.  While my dishes are done and laundry is on, I am thankful I had this opportunity to share my weekend with you.  Think of the Men and Women serving our country who are away from their families, say a little extra prayer for them.  We are grateful!

What are you grateful for?



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