Welcome Fall!

I am finally here!  Welcome to my blog.  My first post will be about the Fall and all the joy that comes with the Season.  I love the Fall, always have, always will.  The smell of the air, the changing of the leaves and the new beginnings.

I remember the Fall so well as a child, new clothes and shoes, shopping for school supplies (still my favourite thing to do) and harvesting all the food grown by my Mom from the garden. I always looked forward to making corn relish with Mom and our neighbour Margaret.  It also meant that the carefree days of summer were over and that we would all be back into a routine. Being an organizer I thrive on routines, for myself and now for my sons. It helps us all have a better day.

As a Mom I love to decorate the house for the season, the yellow mums, a fall flag and a beautiful wreath adorn the front of my home. I have a woven Welcome mat at the door for all who enter. The inside of our home smells like Vanilla and it is full of  fall decor which makes it cozy and inviting and a great place to be, especially at the end of the day.  The kettle will be boiling when you arrive!  It has been raining and the leaves are in full colour.  I love seeing everyone bundled up in their new fall fashions and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer. Also on this day 17 years ago I married my husband Sean.  It was one of the most beautiful days, the leaves were changing and the Black Eyed Susan flowers were in full bloom.  My wedding photos are beautiful as were the memories  made on that October 1st day back in 1994. Our Anniversary day is a great reminder that we are blessed with so much love, like the abundance of leaves in the Fall.

In our family of  four, it also means Hockey season. I am a wife to a Coach and a mother to two sons who play competitive hockey.  On a cold day we are in the stands cheering on our kids,  getting to know our teammates and their parents.  Over the years I have learned to cope with all that the rink has to offer. A place to nurture friendships, and to praise our kids are the most important things I can do while there.  We will be spending the next two days in the rink which reminds me that I must find my pink blanket. I do live in a house full of boys so when I can I always sneak in some Pink!  Time to say goodnight and thanks for visiting!

Enjoy your Fall weekend!



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